Going back to school actually feels very good. It’s nice to have very clear cut goals and objectives to work toward. And I’m always a bit hyped hearing about what we’ll learn to do.

I need to more actively pursue programming and art in my free time

Aim & Ignite Turns 5 Today


Aim & Ignite was released 5 years ago today. To celebrate, the folks at Noisetrade.com are hosting a free download of the album for the next 5 days. Get it here.



i released a new song and then i made a video for it. here it is. for you. xo


I hate people generally, but I like people individually.

Guess how I decided to cut the weeds in my backyard?

Today I
  • Read through Nimona again
  • Went grocery shopping
  • Wrote to customer service about a costume I ordered online that was missing pieces
  • Checked my school websites 
  • Bought and rented two more books for school

That’s decent enough accomplishments for the day.