Point & Light 10” Advance Stream


It isn’t out until tomorrow, but you can listen to an advance stream of fun.’s Record Store Day release Point & Light. The 10” vinyl features five demos from the album Aim & Ignite. There isn’t a comprehensive list of stores selling Point & Light, but there is a list of stores participating in RSD at recordstoreday.com. We’d suggest calling your local store to see if they’ll have copies in stock.

Today was pretty dang good.
  1. My presentation on Twitch Plays Pokémon and Choice Chamber went well (EDIT: Choice chamber just got funded with 7.5k help from Twitch. I did my report before Twitch decided to help financially. Very cool)
  2. Nailed my midterm
  3. Had a good talk with a friend / exchanged some messages with other friends
  4. My AC got repaired
  5. Finally reached the end of LoZ: A Link Between Worlds after sporadically playing it
  6. My sister got some good news related to acting!

All this and I only had three hours of sleep last. Maybe the lack of sleep is making me loopy, but I don’t know, today just seems pretty grand!

Bonus: This video is worth sharing. It makes me happy.

Today I’m going to do a report that basically ends with the second half being a promotion for this Kickstarter.

Look what I got today! *maniacal laughter*


In which Amy Dallen and the creative minds behind Lumberjanes make friendship bracelets and talk about comics. <3 Pick it up tomorrow to support these amazing new comic creators!